The use of two-wheeled electric vehicles in large cities provides its owner with a lot of undeniable advantages. No need to search for a parking space, link to the route, as well as the possibility of getting into traffic jams. The Ultron T10 electric scooter will be a real discovery for lovers of fast and reliable transport. This model has the following technical characteristics:

  • 2400 W electric motor, allows speeds up to 45 km / h;
  • The weight of the device is 26 kg, the maximum permissible load is 140 kg;
  • Capacious rechargeable battery 21 Ah, will provide the ability to travel without charging a distance of up to 60 km;
  • Wheels with a diameter of 10 inches are equipped with a shock absorption system, disc brakes on both wheels.

Why Buy Ultron T10

The specified vehicle model can be attributed to the middle price segment. The vehicle has optimal technical characteristics, ideal for its active operation in large cities. The foldable frame design makes it easier to transport and store the device, including the ability to transport it on the subway and other public transport. For the convenience of parking, a footrest is provided, a removable seat allows you to feel comfortable during long trips. The manufacturer paid special attention to the safety of the vehicle. In addition to disc brakes and shock absorption, there are backlights and LED headlights. The device is covered by an extended manufacturer's warranty.

Characteristics of the Electric Scooter

ULTRON T10 2400W v3

Maximum speed up to 70 km / h *

Mileage on one charge up to 60 km *

Battery Lithium-lon 60 B, 21 Ah

Engine power 60 V, 2 * 1200 W (2400 W), brushless electric motor,
2 wheel motors, four-wheel drive,
front-wheel drive plug-in.

Controller 25A * 2 Sinus

Maximum load 150 Kg

Weight with seat 36 kg

Packing dimensions 127 * 27 * 51cm

Dimensions when folded 117 * 22 * ​​43cm

Dimensions when unfolded 115 * 22 * ​​115cm

Charging time with one charger / two chargers 10 hours / 5 hours

Control Panel Multifunctional color LCD

Headlight LED with upper limit (with signal)

Brakes Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

Brake handle Servo brake

Handle diamete22 mm

Wheel diameter 10-inch tube tire

Frame material Aluminum

Plastic parts Durable environmentally friendly plastic

The electric scooter is preset at the factory

Equipment Charging, Russian instruction, tool kit, seat.

* Specified maximum performance with a rider weighing no more than 70 kg, and driving on a flat surface at an average speed.

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